AC - Coursework peer review

Corresponding assessment

Duration: 50 minutes


  • Use peer review to discuss and give feedback on individual coursework.


5 mins: Discuss marking criteria:

  • Understanding of subject (scope): the specific modelling scenario chosen is not terribly important but the communication of understanding is. Does the work use something specific to highlight high understanding?
  • Presentation: how does work align with guidelines for writing mathematics:
    • Inclusion of graphics?
    • Spelling/grammar?
    • Clarity
  • Code: how has the code been used, is it the correct code, does it help with the scope? A simple use of something from the notes is what is expected but is it done appropriately (for example using the lemke-howson algorithm when it’s not appropriate, plotting the incorrect thing, etc…).

5 mins: Exchange coursework with someone else.

15 mins: Read and write feedback (Encourage students to write positively).

10 mins: Pair and discuss feedback.

10 mins: Group discussion.