00 Introduction to class

Corresponding chapters

Duration: 50 minutes


  • Outline timetable and approach to class.
  • Discuss feedback from previous years.
  • Make students aware of learning resources available to them.
  • Make students aware of assessment criteria
  • Make students aware of coding aspect of course (both in assessment and in content)
  • Introduce games.


Timetable and approach

Discuss timetable

I will not lecture

This course is taught in a flipped learning environment. All notes, homework, exercises are available to you.

In class we will work in parallel to the notes but not directly following them. You will be expected to play an active role in your learning:

  • Activities that demonstrate concepts;
  • Discussions


Show feedback from previous year.

Learning and assessment

All resources can be found at http://vknight.org/gt/

Discuss the markdown version of notes (available on hackmd.io).

Seeking assistance

Details on website.


The course notes will include code throughout, this is both to show you how to use code to study mathematics (an exemplar of modern mathematics) but also to illustrate the ideas.

Details about the programming involved can be found at http://vknight.org/gt/other/programming/

Introduction to games

Using http://vknight.org/school-outreach/assets/playing-games/tex/form.pdf

  1. Play two thirds of the average game
  2. Rationalise
  3. Play two thirds of the average game

Discuss notes on Normal form games.